At Dagan MD, we provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of ear, nose, throat, and sleep disorders in both adult and pediatric patients.

Our specialists can diagnose and manage diseases of the sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, and upper pharynx. as well as structures of the neck and face.
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We perform various blood testing for allergy type antibodies, scratch and patch testing and intradermal testing to find the allergens to which your body is allergic to. We also provide a full range of allergy diagnosis and treatment services for both children.
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Balance issues, such a vertigo, effect many individuals daily. Symptoms can range from a slight off balance sensation, or a feeling of spinning that could last hours. These issues can be evaluated and treatment options are available.
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NYC surgeon rebuilds teen’s already reconstructed nose from breakthrough transplant!


Dr. Dagan & Dallen's Surgery


Dagan MD is a premier practice offering facial plastic and reconstructive, non-facial cosmetic procedures, ENT services, a sinus and allergy center and a hearing and balance center in midtown Manhattan. We offer the convenience of a local medical office, flexible hours and prompt appointment scheduling. Our practice features state-of-the-art treatments like the Balloon Sinuplasty, the latest breakthrough in long lasting relief from sinus symptoms to facial rejuvenation and makeovers as well as the latest in medical technology for the treatment of hearing and balance.