Balloon Sinuplasty

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Balloon Sinuplasty: Advanced Technology in Action
Balloon Sinuplasty technology contributes to the sinus surgery evolution by offering a surgeon additional tools for endoscopic surgery. The RELIEVA® Balloon Sinuplasty products are catheter-based devices designed to assist Otolaryngologists in further meeting their surgical goals of clearing blocked sinuses, restoring normal sinus drainage and function, and preserving normal anatomy and mucosal tissue.
Utilization Overview: The RELIEVA® Balloon Sinuplasty SystemThe Balloon Sinuplasty System creates a durable opening and assists Otolaryngologists in achieving the goals of sinus surgery.

The following diagram outlines the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure:
Balloon Sinuplasty Benefits:

  • The Balloon Sinuplasty devices are endoscopic tools that may be used with other medical therapies or ESS techniques. Using these devices should not limit future treatment options for patients with progressive disease.
  • Balloon Sinuplasty is also available as a procedure conducted in the physician’s office under local anesthesia, allowing some patients to avoid the hassles of surgery in an operating room.