Loudness scale

10 dB leaves rustling in the distance

30 decibels whisper

60-70dB normal conversation at 3-5 feet

70dB vaccum cleaner at 3 ft distance

80dB Telephone dial tone

90dB Diesel Truck at 30ft

100dB loud music 3 feet from the speaker

100dB Motorcycle

125dB Pneumatic Drill at 4 ft – level at which sound becomes painful

140dB Jet Engine at 100 feet – Even short term exposure can cause permanent damage – Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection

Music and Musical instruments

Normal Piano  practice 60-70 dB

Opera Singer singing loudly at 3 ft 70 dB

Violin 82-92dB

Cello 85-111dB

Oboe 95-112B

Flute 92-103dB

Piccolo 90-106dB

Guitar amp  110dB

Clarinet 85-114dB

French Horn 90-106dB

Trombone 85-114dB

Tympani and Bass Drum 106dB

Ipod at half way volume (5/10)  94dB

Ipod at maximal full volume 120dB (this is the threshold of discomfort when hearing sounds)