Nasal Congestion

Your sinuses are located within your forehead, in between your eyes, and within your cheek bones. They drain into the nose through narrow openings or ducts. When blockage occurs, the sinuses can back up and cause the most common symptoms of sinusitis: nasal congestion and drainage of mucous in the nose or throat. Sinus pressure and headaches are also common. If this becomes a long lasting or recurrent problem, this may be a clue that medications are only treating the symptoms and ignoring the cause of the blockage. Nasal congestion may result from a myriad of reasons including allergies, deviation of the nasal septum, nasal polyps and chronic use of nasal decongesting sprays like Afrin.

At the Nose and Sinus Center, Dr. Dagan can evaluate your nose with a flexible camera and explore the sinuses to pinpoint the problem, then he can show you the specific problem on a video screen. He will discuss treatment options. Recent technology has made these treatments more effective, safer, and more comfortable than ever before.