Seamless Facelift (Mini Face lift)

What is the Mini Face Lift ?

Corrects: Loose and sagging skin, wrinkles and jowls.
Length of Procedure: 1.5-2 hours
Longevity: Permanent (further aging with time)
Recovery Time: Within 1-2 weeks

A facelift removes and tightens excess and sagging skin of the face and neck caused by aging. Deep lines running between the folds of the nose and the corner of the mouth; jowls or loss of a defined jaw line associated with youthfulness; deep wrinkles in the cheeks and sagging or flattened cheekbones; and loose skin, wrinkles and bands in the neck.

Problems like sagging eyebrows, excess skin and fatty deposits in the upper and lower eyelids, or wrinkles around the mouth may be correctable at the same time as a facelift. Fat under the chin or in areas of the face and neck may be removed by liposuction in combination with a facelift as well.

Dr. Dagan will evaluate the texture, thickness and elasticity of your skin as well as the severity of wrinkles. Sometimes, it is recommended to combine facelift surgery with laser treatment of the face in order to correct skin textural and sun damage like large skin pore size, acne scars, brown and red aging spots, fine wrinkles or rough skin surface. Dr. Dagan is an expert in non surgical face lift techniques. Ask us about reducing other signs of aging such as sun damage, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dark circles, facial and lip rejuvenation.

If you are considering this type of surgery, contact Dr. Dagan to set up a consultation and explore your options.

Dr. Dagan performs a variety of facelift techniques, the most popular of which are done under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia and with a safer outcome than conventional facelift techniques. Read more about Dr. Dagan’s proprietary techniques, the Manhattan Lift and the Seamless Lift:

The Manhattan Lift
This is a proprietary procedure developed by Dr. Dagan based on his experience performing hundreds of facelift procedures a year. This is a facelift procedure that is performed under local anesthesia without any need for intravenous drug administration or general anesthesia. The reliance on local anesthesia reduces risks associated with general anesthesia. The procedure is minimally invasive and involves bringing the tissues underneath the skin surface to their natural position. This reverses gravitational changes produced by aging such as jowls, neck laxity, wrinkles and flattening of the cheek bones. The work underneath the surface of the skin will restore the youthfulness of the face without over tightening the skin. The superiority of the Manhattan lift over a conventional (deep plane) facelift lies in a shorter procedure time, safer procedure, and shorter downtime with comparable and long lasting results. Give your face the natural unpulled type of result that will keep people guessing how you look so young and refreshed. Our celebrity practice provides the fresh new look to firm and smooth your face and neck.

The Seamless Lift
This is a proprietary technique developed by Dr. Dagan based on his extensive experience with the Manhattan lift. This facelift procedure offers all the benefits of the Manhattan lift with the additional benefit of NO EXTERNAL STITCHES. Through the use of a revolutionary suturing technique the healing process is faster and more seamless alloring the busy professional with a demanding schedule to return to activities sooner. Advanced rejuvative techniques are used to help smooth away angry lines, smoker’s lines, bunny lines, droopy mouth angles, droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes, loose skin in the jawline and the neck for a fresh new look.

If you hope to see fresh new self in pictures for a special event, a wedding, a reunion or just pictures with your family, think about the seamless facelift, the most advanced minimally invasive rejuvenative procedure providing completely natural undone look!