Dear Patients,

Hope everyone is safe and doing well. We wanted to take a minute and reach out to all of our patients and let them know that we are still available if you need us.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our building has been closed until further notice.

To continue providing services to our patients, we have set up Virtual visits. This gives you the option to see Dr. Dagan from the comfort of your own home. If you would like to schedule a telemedicine/virtual visit you can either call our office phone number at
(212) 585-3242 or book your visit online.




Expertise, skill, experience — an ENT in NYC needs all three, along with compassion and a personal commitment to patient care. In a sophisticated, fast-paced city, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Dr. Tal Dagan’s devotion to excellence, engagement in the latest medical technologies, and the health of his patients make him the best ENT doctor in NYC.

ENT Doctor in NYC

Dr. Dagan leads in the field of otolaryngology, using his expertise to treat patients with a wide range of treatments and procedures, many of them noninvasive. He believes his patients not only deserve the best possible care but also the latest in techniques, technologies, and diagnostics.

As an ENT specialist in NYC, Dr. Dagan performs hundreds of procedures and surgeries each year. His training covers all areas of otolaryngology, including surgeries of the head and neck and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries. A special interest in facial rejuvenation leads his practice but doesn’t limit the scope of the procedures and treatments he offers.

Dr. Dagan also brings a combination of the utmost professionalism and competency in established techniques and unites it with a desire to support the advancement of otolaryngology. Technology continues to change the medical field. Dr. Dagan takes a proactive approach to make sure the best treatment options are available to his patients. He has developed and participated in the development of a number of innovative surgical and nonsurgical techniques, including the first use of 3D printing technology in a nose reconstruction and a 90-minute seamless mini facelift.

But Dr. Dagan knows the best medical treatment isn’t about technology or diagnostics. He sees each patient as an individual, looking for innovative ways to treat them with the least disruption to their daily life. His unique perspective and approach motivate him to continue to improve upon traditional techniques and develop new ones that reduce recovery times and improve patient outcomes. Patients enter his office with confidence, knowing their best interests and health are the priority. When they leave, their lives are changed for the better, whether it’s a boost of confidence or treatments for an ongoing condition.

With offices located in midtown Manhattan, an ENT doctor in NYC, like Dr. Dagan, can provide services in a convenient location while having access to top of the line facilities. At DaganMD, each member of the medical team is knowledgeable on the latest treatment methods and diagnostics.

However, Dr. Dagan and his team take a personal approach to patient care. Each patient enters the doors as an individual with unique treatment needs. A commitment to quality care and treatment plans that are in the best interest of the patient lead the way in every patient interaction. The staff at DaganMD take the time to go over procedures, help navigate medical insurance coverage, and make sure patients know what to expect and how to have a successful recovery. DaganMD isn’t just a medical team, but a support system that helps patients through each step of their journey.

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Dagan MD is a premier practice offering facial plastic and reconstructive, non-facial cosmetic procedures, ENT services, a sinus and allergy center and a hearing and balance center in midtown Manhattan. We offer the convenience of a local medical office, flexible hours and prompt appointment scheduling. Our practice features state-of-the-art treatments like the Balloon Sinuplasty, the latest breakthrough in long lasting relief from sinus symptoms to facial rejuvenation and makeovers as well as the latest in medical technology for the treatment of hearing and balance.