3D Printing Helps Doctors Give Badly Burned Boy A New Nose

at the age of 15, Dalan is getting a second chance at a normal life after doctors at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai came up with a way to rebuild his nose using cutting edge medical technology. Dalan lost his nose when he fell onto a live power line at 9 years old. “He basically stopped going to school and was completely isolated,” said the lead surgeon, Tal Dagan, MD. “That’s something that I connected with. And I said, I think we’re going to try to pull this off.” Surgeons also used lasers to helped convert scar tissue so it could be used to line the inside of the nose, restoring Dalan’s sense of smell. “This is complete science fiction,” Dr. Dagan said. “We’re using a completely new type of technology.”

May 28, 2019 IN THE MEDIA
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