In addition to the “filler” effect of Calcium Hydrozylapatite, it actually works with your body to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage tissue regeneration. Treatment yields instant and long lasting results.

The calcium hydroxyapatite is derived from natural substances found in our own bones and therefore is accepted by our body without any associated allergies. The injected solution sets up a structure that encourages tissue growth in and around the injection site. Over time the gel carrier is absorbed by the body but the structure set up with the collagen has stimulated growth, leaving the areas previously filled by gel filled with new, naturally produced tissue.

This is an increasingly popular treatment because it delivers immediate results that are long-lasting with fewer office visits and requires no allergy testing prior to treatment.

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AKA: Radiesse or Radiency
Corrects: Nasolabial folds, frown lines, flattened cheeks, facial re-contouring.
Length of Procedure: 20-30 minutes
Number of Treatments: single treatment
Longevity: Up to two years
Recovery Time: No downtime

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