Head and Neck Surgery NYC

Tumors in the head and neck area require special handling to preserve proper functioning of sensory organs, as well as reducing the cosmetic impact of surgery. Treatment of head and neck tumors is exceedingly complicated, it requires a team of doctors to be involved with expertise in this area. Dr. Tal Dagan is experienced in head and neck surgery for the removal of tumors in the vicinity of the face, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, throat, salivary glands, skull base and neck. Dr. Tal Dagan has undergone extensive training with leaders in the field of skull base and head and neck surgery at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Dagan’s approach combines complete therapy, a multidisciplinary team, the latest technological advances and his expertise in reconstructive surgery to provide unparalleled patient care.

If you or your loved one are concerned about a mass in the head or neck area, please make an appointment with us today.