Nose and Sinus

At the Dagan MD we provide unparalleled care to our patients who present with nose and sinus related complaints. We strive to combine knowledge, skill, training, and experience with advanced technology.

We promise to make every effort to personalize your care and give you the special treatment you deserve. The old “take a number and have a seat” attitude has no place in your health care. You deserve better. See for yourself at The Dagan MD Nose & Sinus Center.

This site provides information for those suffering from problems of the nose and sinuses, including Allergies, Nasal Blockage, Congestion or Stuffy Nose, Recurring sinus infection, or sinusitis, Drainage in the nose and throat, Sinus Headaches and Facial Pain, Diminished Sense of Smell, Snoring, and other Nose and Sinus-related problems. Information is also provided for those patients with Cosmetic Nasal Requests.

The newest minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of recurring and chronic sinusitis is now available in New York City. Dr. Tal Dagan will be one of the first to offer this treatment. See more information here.

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