Throat and Voice

At Dagan MD, we specialize in the care of injuries that occur among singers and actors. Dr. Tal Dagan tailors treatment to the particular diagnosis, with care taken to be conservative and respectful of the patient’s wishes. In cases of vocal nodules, lesions or other voice-use related pathology, this often includes voice therapy and other non-surgical adjunctive therapies to speed up recovery. Dr. Dagan is on staff at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary part of the Mt. Sinai Healthcare system, celebrating one hundred and fifty years of excellence, the Eye and Ear Infirmary is one of the leading hospitals in the country for the treatment of Ear Nose and Throat disorders. We offer an array of speech therapists and pathologists to take care of all your voice needs.

We evaluate and treat a variety of swallowing disorders from acid reflux to swallowing problem following a stroke. Evaluation begins with a comprehensive evaluation including endoscopic evaluation of swallowing and stroboscopic examination of the voice box and swallowing mechanism ranging through direct evaluation of the throat and esophagus under anesthesia.

Other pathologies, such as vocal cysts and vocal polyps, may require surgical intervention. State-of-the-art techniques including sophisticated microlaryngeal instrumentation and laser technology are utilized for the most vocally-protective results. These techniques are particularly useful in complicated cases of vocal cord paralysis, throat cancer, and voice box (larynx) tumors. Vocal hemorrhage cases may require advanced care and our experience in these cases has resulted in superior vocal results. Dr. Dagan’s skills have resulted in voice improvement for his patients with minimal downtime.

If you are having difficulties with your voice, make an appointment with us today.