Deep Tightening & Resurfacing Peels

Depending on the level of correction you may need, Dr. Dagan may recommend you a number of different strengths of peels. During your consult if we determine your needed level of correction and if your skin issues are quite severe, we may recommend the use of a deep phenol skin peel. This will resurface as well as tighten the skin, deeper and stronger than any of our other chemical peels.

As we age and the years go by, we are subjected to many environmental elements. These elements, such as the sun, cause the skin to become damaged and the aging process itself causes the skin to lose a number of valuable compounds, such as collagen and elastin. The lack of these compounds causes the skin to become loose and saggy, and become far more susceptible to bumps, bruises, discolorations, scars, acne, and other blemishes.
The loss of collagen causes your skin to lose its youthful look and feel, it becomes rougher, and less smooth and supple. Without collagen’s restorative properties our skin tends to become loose and saggy, as well as rough, discolored and full of blemishes.

The loss of elastin means your skin will become extremely loose, and lose its ability to “snap-back” from stretching and contracting, as skin is supposed to. Elastin provides skin its stretchy consistency, and without it, skin becomes saggy and begins to crack over time.

Phenol Peels
Phenol peels are the strongest chemical peels, used for people with deep wrinkles from sun exposure or excess wrinkling around the lips and chin. The recovery time for a Phenol peel is longer but as they penetrate deep into the skin, and create a completely new, fresh layer of skin, the effects can be enjoyed for as long as twenty years.

The phenol peels are much stronger, therefore when they are applied they do the most clearing “damage” to the skin. The body heals itself and begins to produce new collagen and elastin at the dermis, and a brand new rejuvenated skin layer.

If you’re in need of a severe amount of correction, phenol peels may be right for you. They will alleviate the loosest of skin, and remove the deepest of scars and blemishes.