Medium Resurfacing & Tightening Peels

Depending on the level of correction you may need, Dr. Dagan may recommend you a number of different strengths of peels. During your consult if we determine that you need a deeper penetrating skin peel, we will use a stronger deeper penetrating acid peel. This will resurface as well as tighten the skin.

As we age and the years go by, we are subjected to many environmental elements. These elements, such as the sun, cause the skin to become damaged and the aging process itself causes the skin to lose a number of valuable compounds, such as collagen and elastin. The lack of these compounds causes the skin to become loose and saggy, and become far more susceptible to bumps, bruises, discolorations, scars, acne, and other blemishes.
The loss of collagen causes your skin to lose its youthful look and feel, it becomes rougher, and less smooth and supple. Without collagen’s restorative properties our skin tends to become loose and saggy, as well as rough, discolored and full of blemishes.

The loss of elastin means your skin will become extremely loose, and lose its ability to “snap-back” from stretching and contracting, as skin is supposed to. Elastin provides skin its stretchy consistency, and without it, skin becomes saggy and begins to crack over time.

TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid Peels
For those that need more than just superficial correction, we recommend using TCA peels. TCA is a stronger and more deeply penetrating acid peel than the AHA acid peels, and allows for a greater level of correction. This is an especially effective treatment for patients with darker complexions, generally more difficult to correct.

The TCA Peel is a highly efficient treatment against moderate to slight:

  • sun damage
  • wrinkles
  • actinic and seborrheic keratosis
  • acne and acne scars
  • rough, dry skin
  • facial volume loss
  • general skin tone discolorations

TCA, is a combination similar to that of skin proteins, therefore it can move freely throughout the dermal layers, in order to provide exfoliation at levels many other acids cannot reach. As a result of this, TCA, can create newer, more firm skin cells, that are for more elastic than older, dead skin cells. Similarly, to the process of other chemical peels, it will “burn away” the outer layer of dead skin, and the body’s own restorative abilities, will allow it to heal better, and stronger than before.

Depending on your skin and what your needs are, TCA may be your best option as it has a much shorter recovery time than stronger acid-based peels as well as phenol peels.