Non-Surgical Nose Job NYC

Sometimes reshaping the nose does not require a surgical Rhinoplasty, but rather a much less invasive option: the so-called “non-surgical nose job.” Non-surgical Rhinoplasty typically involves the injection of various fillers such as Radiesse to contour minor irregularities and disproportions. A small hump, for example, can sometimes be concealed simply by filling it rather than filing it. A minor curve, twist, or depression can be similarly camouflaged to create a straighter or smoother nose.
Patients particularly like that non-surgical Rhinoplasty is less expensive than surgery, is done in the office under local anesthesia, and has essentially immediate results with little to no downtime. Of course, non-surgical Rhinoplasty will never replace surgical Rhinoplasty for more advanced correction, but it’s often a nice option for patients who only need minor tweaks to the appearance of their nose.Dr. Dagan will personally design a course of procedures for you that are sure to achieve a subtle, natural look.
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