What to Expect:
– Patient will be wrapped in a dressing (facial bra) that will not be removed until the postoperative appointment 24-48 hours later
– Rest is an important factor toward recovery, patients should rest in a recliner or with a slight elevation using 2 pillows for 2 weeks following the procedure
– Restrict activity (straining, bending, physical exertion, sneezing) for 2 weeks
– Swelling is normal and may cause tightness of the skin which is a temporary side effect
– Place ice packs over the surgical site frequently throughout the day for the first 72 hours
– Minimal bleeding could be expected, avoid post operative bleeding by stopping any blood thinning medications such as aleve/advil.

– Expected to be moderate pain which should be mitigated with the use of pain relief prescribed by the provider (or Tylenol extra strength)
– Patient may experience numbness instead of pain which is normal as well
– Numbness may persist up to 6 months – 1 year

Care for incision site:
– The skin incisions should be washed with soap and water three times per day starting the day after surgery.
– After patting dry, the incisions should be cleaned with a 50% solution of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and a Q-tip. Mix the Hydrogen Peroxide with and equal amount of warm tap water.
– The incisions should be covered with antibiotic ointment.
– Showering after the postoperative appointment is allowed, gently wash hair.
– Be gentle when washing and drying the face not to disrupt the sutures placed in hairline incisions
– Hair dryers can be used on a low cool setting
– Coloring of the hair is not to be done for 6 weeks following surgery.
– After all sutures have been removed, the scars will appear a deep pink color and feel firm which will soften and become less noticeable over time
– Each individual varies with respect to healing, but it takes approximately one year for these changes to occur in most scars.
– Beginning 6 weeks after the surgery, application and gentle massage with vitamin E, cocoa butter, or Mederma, Scarguard may promote softer, less conspicuous scar (ask Dr. Dagan about specific products he prefers to help promote healing).
– Incisions can be covered with makeup 10 days after surgery.
– Incisions should not be exposed to direct sunlight for 6 months after surgery.
– Sunscreen is mandatory over all incisions.

Follow up:
Schedule a followup appointment 1-2 days following the procedure