• Wash the area once or twice daily with a gentle soap. Please do not scrub or pick at the site.
• Three to five times a day apply white petrolatum (Vaseline or Aquaphor) to the area.You do not want a scab to form. In general, depending on the area, it is best to keep it covered.
• For patients who do not want to keep the area bandaged (i.e. facial sites), it is even more important to keep a coating of ointment over the site.
• The area will become more red for several days after the procedure. If a stitch is placed, the stitch will be removed in 1- 2 weeks following the procedure. If a dissolvable stitch was placed, this takes 2- 4 weeks to dissolve.
• Avoid exposing the area to sunlight
• Following your post operative appointment, you can consult with Dr. Dagan about best products for scar reduction and healing.

Notify our office immediately or go to the nearest Emergency Room if any of the following occurs:
• If the redness extends more than 1 cm from the incision site, there is draining pus, a
fever or significant pain at the site