What is posturography?

posturographyPosturography is an advanced equilibrium test designed to evaluate the interaction of the visual, vestibular (balance), and somatosensory (touch) systems. Prior to the test you will be asked to take your shoes off so the platform can accurately measure your responses. Comfortable clothes (no dresses or skirts) are recommended because you will be placed in a harness to ensure that you are completely safe during the test. You will be asked to stand on a platform which is surrounded by a visual screen. The test will involve your performing various tasks with your eyes open and closed. The platform and screen are designed to move and measure your balance.

Posturography is extremely useful in assessing balance abnormalities. Repeat or serial testing is sometimes needed to evaluate progress or responsiveness to treatment of certain balance disorders.

This test takes approximately one hour to complete.

The results of this will be read by the audiologist and reported to the ENT specialist. You will need a follow-up appointment with your doctor to receive the results.